Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bullet-Point Journal of the last month

It's not that I can't write in complete sentences and craft intelligent blog posts about what it going on--it's that I don't have time.

I have to save the "complete" and "intelligent" parts for areas beyond the blog.

But for the purpose of memory keeping and sharing with those who follow me here, this is the nutshell of what I have been up to for the last month. Bullet-Point-Style.

  • College. Me--in college. I'm only taking one class this semester and one is enough. I'm doing a lot of writing in this class, which, as you know is what I love. I find the class a tiny bit challenging and a lot-bit nerve wracking. Something about turning a paper in that you have poured emotion into and then edited to suit the assignment for a grade. I have to save most of my "intelligent" energy for this class.
  • College. Nathan applying for college. He is totally sure of where he wants to go. But mom is forcing him to have a backup plan. Plan A is expensive. 
  • Scholarships. Because Plan A is expensive, scholarships need to be applied for. Here he is winning his first one:

He was one of four (out of 114) to win a $500 scholarship and an all-expense paid trip to St. Louis for a "Town Hall Meeting"; another leadership conference which is just sort of right up this kid's alley. He writes speeches at football practice and practices them on the way to the event. He gets just the right amount of nerves. He is a really, really good public speaker.

  • Work. I am still busy working in Wilton. Business is picking up. This is good because we all like to eat.
  • Weight loss. I lost 10 pounds this last month. Kind of crazy, I know. I am working on a writing project for someone who is a Yoli distributor. We made a trade, I got a month supply of products, I lost weight while writing. Yay me!
  • Pictures. Tis the season where I take football photos for the high school football team. I love those Friday Night Lights. I love being able to capture a piece of that for the athletes and families to keep forever. 
  • No weddings. Yet.  Some of you know that last weekend was the "date" that my fiancĂ© and I picked out to tie the knot. We had a little something planned that was supposed to be a surprise to everyone. But it turned out that the surprise was on us. We didn't get married last weekend. 
  • Marz is working.
  • Claire is running cross country.
  • Tookie is playing her first year of junior high volleyball.
  • Nathan is the kicker for football.
  • I love every second of this crazy-busy-bullet-point life.