Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Method to my March Madness

It's time, folks.

I'm sure there are several bracketologists out there just waiting for this blog post.

In the past, I have used an unconventional way of choosing teams for my bracket. You can read a little about it here:  MY MARCH MADNESS 

This year I just did not have enough time to take all of these steps to study and choose my teams.

So I worked backwards and forwards based entirely on the team MASCOT.

If, during the team choosing process in the bracket, I did not understand what your mascot was without looking it up, or if you just didn't sound as tough as the other team...then you lose.

If you were a Wildcat or a Bulldog...then you automatically advanced. Because I am partial to those. EXCEPT in the case of the first round Iowa vs Davidson game....I love my Herkey the Hawkeye.

But even Herkey loses to a Bulldog.

In the end, it's all a big dog and cat fight.

And the Wildcats Win!

Because I am especially partial to Wildcats!