About Me

 Welcome to Write-On, Mom!  I'm Robin.

I am a mother to four amazing kids: Nathan, Marisa, Claire and Danielle.  I'm also the wife to Brian, and step-mom to Ty, Brady and Brinn. We are kind of like The Brady Bunch except with more kids, more pets and no maid. 

Raising children has proved to be the single most difficult job I have ever done.  Before I had kids, I believed that if I poured my heart and soul into the entire parenting thing, then my children would naturally turn out to be great leaders, best-selling authors, and other way-above-average members of society.

Now I am hoping that none of them will turn out to be a threat to society.

Or end up on the Jerry Springer Show. 

Okay...I kid about that.  I love being mama to these kids.  But there are days when I daydream about becoming a brain surgeon or joining the FBI.  Because I'm pretty sure those jobs would be easier.  Needless to say, the cast of characters that live in my house provide up-to-the-minute writing material.  Stories that are sure to make other moms out there feel better about themselves just for the reading.  You're welcome.  

 Here's an outdated snapshot of the little kiddos. 

So a little bit about my writing career:

My professional writing story was something I sort of stumbled into. 

A little over 15 years ago, I began working in my small community as a licensed massage therapist.  As a businessperson, I was invited to contribute to the monthly chamber of commerce newsletter.  After a few months of doing this, the editors of this publication called me up to inform me that a reader, who wished to remain anonymous, wanted to donate the funds for me to attend an upcoming writers' conference. 

I accepted that gift.

I went to that conference as a licensed massage therapist who likes to write for the business newsletter.

I came out of that conference a writer, who happens to work part time as a massage therapist.

That anonymous donation, a small act of kindness, changed my world.   

Since then, I have written for newspapers, regional and national parenting publications, websites and a couple of blogs. 

Working in journalism has opened doors for me to participate in some public speaking events.  This is something new for me.  Hop on over to the I SPEAK page to keep up with all of that.  

I also dabble in photography.

My interest in this started when I began freelancing for a small newspaper in the Midwest.  I had to take my own pictures to run with the stories.  It turned out that I was pretty good at that.

While I wouldn't call myself a professional photographer, I will say that I can capture a story through lifestyle photography sessions. People started asking me to take snapshots for them and it sort of grew into what I call "SNAPSHOT STORIES."  There's a page on this blog for that too, if you want more info. So far, I mostly take sports photos.

What else is there about me?  Well, I am a Christian.  I tell you this because this is an identifying part of my own story.  Not that I am walking around quoting bible verses or believing that I am holier-than-thou.....

No, I share this with you because I am totally flawed.  My own story is not really all that exciting.  And yet God still chooses to use me and my story for a purpose far beyond the little chapter I live in.  He still uses my story to make a difference in the world.

And He wants to use yours too.  

Anyways....I hope you will meet me here at Write-On, Mom! often.  I promise to laugh about the funny stuff, get ridiculously emotional about the not-so-funny things, and try to celebrate the little things.

But of course, if you are disgusted at the mention of bodily noises for entertainment, don't care to know that I pee my pants when I sneeze or throw up, and don't know how to speak in sarcasm, then Write-On, Mom! might not be the site for you.