Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Next Page

Back-to-School usually means the start of a new chapter in our house.

This year is no different. Except for the part that it is way different.

For one of us, it's not just a new chapter, it's a new book.

When we shopped for school supplies, we skipped the crayons, protractors and wide-ruled notebook paper and went straight for the laundry soap, futon, and surge-protected power strips.

Huh. Not sure how that happened.

I remember walking the kid to school while pushing his sisters in a stroller and walking him up to his line in front of the school. I waited with the sisters with all of the other mommies until the teachers came out to let the lines all in to school. The backpack was full of art supplies, tissues and hand sanitizer for the classroom

I remember driving to school when the carpool line led me to the other side of the building. The mommies dropped their pre-teen babies off in time for them all to "hang out" on the steps until one of the teachers opened the door. The backpacks stuffed with gym clothes and axe deodorant and body spray.

I remember the first day when my presence was no longer required. The Wildcat drove him and his sisters to school. I stood in the street and waved.

This week we turn the page to begin a new chapter. The sisters will all be doing the last first day of high school, the first day of high school and the last first day of junior high.

And the Wildcat will be a Bulldog. It's not only a new page, it's a new book. And it's his.

In this story, I play the part of a character that I am still familiar with....I get to help pack the backpack (car), and I get to drive up in the carpool line at school, where I will drop a piece of my heart off then leave it there.

Two hours home.

And stay home while he stays at school.


It's Nathan's turn to write the story.

Dear Bulldog,

It's the next step
The next chapter
The next story.

I have every confidence in you.
Not even a single doubt exists
That your college years will be nothing less
Than a page-turner.

Be kind to the other kids
Take turns
and raise your hand for the teacher to call on you.
Share your crayons
Eat your vegetables
Brush your teeth twice a day.

oh, and by the way
Your mama is so proud of you
she misses you.
You should call her.

Love, Mama