Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend in Review....

So I picked the little girls up from camp on Friday.

Besides a bunch of laundry, this is what things looked like:

I've always known Spring Valley Bible camp to be very good at
Wearing the kids out
Teaching biblical truths
And that the kids always come home with new friends.

When I went to pick the girls up the first thing I heard from one of the campers was....

"Are you the sisters' mom?"

I didn't know if I should have been proud or scared when I heard that.

"Yes...I am."

The young  camper showed me the way to my girls' cabin.

They all had fun.

They all got along.

And there was APPARENTLY only one phone call to the cops on my kids' last day at CHURCH CAMP.
From what I gather, the kids were so loud at camp that someone from the neighboring housing community called the cops.

As a mama to the "sisters" I'm not sure if I should have been proud or horrified at this.

But it is church camp.
These are my girls.
So I can't really say that I'm surprised.
So I nod my head at this as it is revealed to me
But secretly shout an "AMEN!"
Cuz I know it has everything to do
with my kids
having fun


The rest of the weekend revolved around Brian and his 30-year class reunion.

As his date
(and his significant 'other' for the last several years)
I assumed that everyone knew who I was.


Apparently I was wrong.

I took lots of pictures.

And socialized.

And about every second-to-third question from everyone was something to the effect of:
How old are you?
The same question came in a couple of different forms....

But the nutshell version sounded something like this:

What is your last name.....oh, How old are you?


What year did you graduate?

and then there is my favorite:

It turned out to be so nice, how old are you?

It was fun.

But it became clear very quickly that everyone wanted to know if Brian robbed the cradle or not.  

Fortunately for me....i can chalk it up to good genetics.  

It's all good!

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