Monday, February 25, 2013

Just another manic monday....

It's another Monday morning here at home.

I wake everyone, including a 12-year-old who is only inches from my face when it is time to wake up.

She had a bad dream somewhere in the 1-2:00 a.m.-range of the night. 

We are all getting ready for the day....

...checking emails and facebook messages.

Good news right there from one of my sisters.  I don't know the details yet, but I do know that she is posting that she is happy with the judge's decision in Texas, regarding some potentially life-changing news for her and her son.  It is always good when the justice system actually works.  Especially when kids are involved.  I could go on and on about that...but we are calling today a good day.


The Wildcat gets ready and we head to the University Hospital.

For what we are hoping and praying is our last appointment there.  Ever.

We met with our pediatric hematology/oncology doctor.

He gets through all the preliminaries of getting blood drawn, height, weight, blood pressure.

He argues a bit over what they tell him is his height.  He thinks he is 2 inches taller than what they tell him.

Clearly they don't know what they are talking about at the University Pediatric Oncology Clinic.  

She goes over Nathan's recent labs.

He has "baby red blood cells" she tells us.

This means he is producing his own red blood cells.  Properly.  Without further blood transfusions.  And there are enough of them.  

We are not offended by the term "baby" the way "we" were over the height-issue. 

Our doctor goes through things with us.  When Nathan was first presented at the University, every symptom could not be explained by anything that would appear to be a normal reason.  It was necessary to test the bone marrow.  Every indication was that leukemia was the cause of the symptoms. 

It was a rare virus that was the cause. 

Viruses can do that.

They can sneak in and attack you and mimic something worse than what it is. 

And we are so thankful that it was a virus. 

Even though it has taken months to recoup from it. 


Apparently a lesson we needed to learn.

A lesson that is just a hair shy of causing mama a nervous breakdown.

So now the Wildcat is back to worrying about the Spanish test and world history project.  And it feels so good to have these worries.  It totally beats the thought of when the next bone marrow biopsy needs to be scheduled.  Which is what we were originally told to be ready for.


While at the University, we got to stop and peek in on my newest baby niece.  Born  a premie.  She is doing great. The Wildcat and I both got to hold her.

I have never held a baby this small.

The Wildcat was actually about twice her weight when he was born.

I took pictures.

Then left my camera in the hospital room.

Of course.

We were in a hurry and "worried" about the spanish test.


Also just got word that Brian's son may in fact be participating in the indoor track nationals.


And right now I am making dinner for 30 people tonight.

....don't ask.  

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  1. Praise God for good news and normal things like Spanish tests! Such a relief for a mama's heart!