Sunday, May 19, 2013

Photo Dump

Brady at his first outdoor National track meet. He had to qualify to get in to this meet.  We are so proud of his hard work his first year of college. 

Brinn makes her first trip to the State Track Meet.  Here she is running the second leg of the Sprint Medley Relay.

Nathan spent the last couple of weeks battling concussion symptoms.  I am happy to say that he has passed his concussion test.  Now....if only he can do as well on his spanish final.....

A little bit of tickle torture going on with some siblings here. 

Found this photo on my camera.  "Three-fingers-and-a-pinch" is the message for me from Claire.  Thank you sweet girl for the secret message.  Three-fingers-and-a-pinch to you too....
In the middle of running to doctors, running to track meets, running to work, running kids everywhere, it was necessary to my emotional well-being to "stop and smell the roses."  Or in this the birds.

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