Monday, October 21, 2013

Feeling like I have a Sophomore Angel

So here is something really weird about homecoming....

...if you are taking one of my children, during their sophomore year, to the homecoming dance, your dinner may be paid for.

I have a Junior and a Sophomore.

Two weeks ago, they both went to the homecoming dance.

I found out, after the fact, that my daughter (the sophomore) went out to dinner with her date and another couple, and when they went to pay....the tab was already picked up.

When we visited about this hero-ic/angelic/thank-the-lord turn of events, Nathan...who is a Junior...said that last year, when he went to pay for him and his date....their ticket had already been taken care of.

Dear Internets,
 I had nothing what-so-ever to do with this ticket-paid-for turn of events.
I have my suspicions...but do not know how this person would have taken care of Nathan's tab last year when he was on a party bus of a bunch of people....all who had to pay for their own way.

The only thing I can guess right now is that there is an angel watching over my kids during their sophomore year in high school.  (and if you have read my blog for any length of time, you know that I'm not just talking about homecoming tickets.) 

Feeling like I have a Sophomore Angel....helping me watch over my sophomores....

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