Monday, February 10, 2014

Remember that "blog identity crisis" I mentioned a while back?

If you don't, you can read about it HERE.

The nutshell version of that story is that I was thinking it was time to have my personal blogging and my business-y blogging break up and go their separate ways. 

I was thinking that the professional writing I do for newspapers and magazines was just outgrowing the mama-blog-home we have going here. 

I was thinking it was time for them to move out and into their own home.  It seemed the two were competing for space that just didn't feel relevant to both anymore.

I was thinking that the mama-blog-readers may not be interested in the working editorials and links.

I was thinking that other writers, editors and publishers may not be interested in weeding through my "scrapbook" of motherhood.

So both parties agreed on a trial separation.

Business blog moved to it's own home on the world wide web.

Write-On, Mom! blog attempted to hold down the fort here in it's original home.

After several months of separation, the two blog-parties came to a mutual decision:
they just cannot live without each other.

Oh sure...they each tried to do their own thing.

But Write-On, Mom! blog couldn't help but to share interviews, links and snapshot stories of the Business-blog because it still affected her mama-life.  It was just who she was.

And Business-blog attempted to stick only to business...but soon discovered that motherhood was her business.  

So Business is moving back home. 

We are all sitting around the table (mama blog, business blog and myself) and discussing the ways we can do some blog-blending in a way that allows each to grow, but still feels like home to the others.

(I am well aware that the above statement may have some wondering of any split-personality issues going on here. I can assure you that any such disorders only occur in my head.)

We are also talking about our long-term goals and things we would like to see happen in this small home on the triple double-u.

Here are some of the highlights:

A Well-Storied Life....changing the world, one story at a time.
We definitely want to write about the stories of everyday people who are making huge differences in the lives of those around them.  

Family-Friendly & that sort of Stuff. 
Think book reviews and givaways, ideas to try with your family, inspirational and family friendly movie reviews, and other attempts at trying to be helpful to the mama-readers who want to do more than just maintain a family...they want to minister to their family.  Stuff like that.  

Probably some more focused social media promotion.
This is because business is business and that is how business is. 

Snapshot Stories.
Stories told through the lens of the camera. My stories, my family, and when snapshots.

And as journey through the motherhood.
Many of you have been following this journey since my kids were in diapers.  You've stuck with me through the preschool years and you put up with the teenage sarcasm that happens quite often nowadays.  You've seen me through seasons that included a divorce and single motherhood.  You have cheered me on as I enter into this new season of re-marriage and blending families.  You know I'm not perfect, I mess up all the time, I take pictures of my food and I trip all over my words.  You know I 'm a Jesus girl who prefers the type of ministry that happens outside of the church.  

You've been there through my journey, and you tell me that it helps you while you are on your own.  I'm humbled by that.  I guess that's what sharing our stories is really for.  

So...for today, that's our story.  
And for today, we are sticking to it.  

I hope you will come back often.  Check things out as we do some remodeling and blending.  Share your comments.  Follow the blog.  Invite a friend over.  All of that.

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