Monday, October 5, 2015

When Ignorance is Bliss...

I'm going to ignore some things today.

And by some things, I mean--my feelings.

I received some news over the weekend that was unexpected. I was looking for this news. But I was expecting it to go a different way.

It is writing-work related.

I had some tears. I even drove to my parents house to get a hug from my mama.

She hugged me. We talked about other things. And when I left she said:

Don't stay upset.
Don't let this stop you.
You have more to do.

Oh, mama. You know. Even when you don't think you know, you really do.

So today, I'm still a tiny bit upset. 

But I'm going to ignore that. 

Because I have more to do.

Thank you mama. I love you so much.

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