Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ball Games

Now that I've slept I can say that the last couple of nights of ball were fun.
Claire is a little more serious than Tookie.

Rephrase.....claire is a little more serious about playing ball than tookie. tookie is serious about making up new chants and cheers and some of those details that make the difference between watching a girls game and a boys game. does that make sense?

Although, last night when I was putting Tookie's hair up in ponies I told her she looked cute.

She responded: "Playing ball is not about being cute, mom."

Right. I know that. I probably am the one who told her that.

Now I should probably go nap before the next game....
Did I mention here that I have exactly 4 days in the next 2 months that do not have a ballgame on the calendar?

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