Sunday, December 5, 2010

For Emily

The heavens are so lucky tonight
To have a new angel
Whose smile is so bright
I'm sure you are laughing
And dancing along
Some streets of gold
Sharing your song

I wonder
Did Jesus himself reach his hand out to you
And escort you through heaven's gates
Did he mention that he had been waiting for you
To meet with you face to face

I bet there was a choir of heavenly hosts
Welcoming you to the place
That you thought you would know when the time came
To enter into His grace

Was there a huge party?
I bet there was.
With you, their awaited for  guest.
And all of the heavens were ready, on cue...
To show you the best of the best.

I have to say that
Things feel so wrong
When we look at the spot where
we think you belong.

But because of heaven
And because I know
Your heart was there
It was just your time to go

I can say that it's true
that heaven is lucky tonight.
And even though, it doesn't feel right
You are where we all long to be
Even if it isn't clear
for us to see.

You are in our hearts
You are filling them with love
You are with our creator
Jesus, above

The heavens declare the glory of God
And tonight
You are leading the show
Every time
We look up at the stars
And we see their glow
We will see the glory of God
And remember that you sing his praise
You will be in our heart
In our song
In our thoughts
You will remain

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