Monday, December 27, 2010


My 4th grader and I were chatting about new years' resolutions.  She asked questions about what it means when people say "what is your new years' resolution?"

I told her that people like to set goals for themselves for the new year.  Like eating healthier or exercising or some of the more popular ones.

She asked if a new year's resolution could be just as simple as doing something you have always wanted to do or do more of something you enjoy.

"of course," I explain.  "Those are the best kind of resolutions."

She says her new year's resolutions are to take pictures and make scrapbooks.
And to create a rubberband ball....
....'cause she has always wanted to make a rubber band ball and maybe if she makes it a goal, 2011 will be the year she finally accomplishes this task. 

So I ask the other kids if they have new years' resolutions.

I got answers like get better at playing sports, read more books, take more pictures, hang out with my friends, see how much junk food I can eat before I puke....

So I am inspired by these ideas. 

I think in 2011 I resolve to:
Play more
Hang out with people I love
Read things of interest
Eat good food (but not till I puke)
Capture and share moments on camera
Make something I have never made before, just cuz I want to try it.....probably not a rubber band ball...but you never know.

And maybe, just maybe, take a step or two or three out of my comfort zone and towards a dream. 

Or just make a rubber band ball. 
Because, random as it may be, it does sound sorta fun...
And it is good to have a goal.

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