Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

To the ones I love,

Mom and Dad:  Happy Anniversary.
Your love is proof to me that God is love.

My Kids:  I love you with my whole heart. 
You are proof to me that I can survive with my heart out there, walking around in the world. 
Because that is where you are.
And where you are is where my heart beats.

My Kids that aren't my Kids:  Oh how I love you too.
In a way that recognizes that you aren't my kids,
Respects those boundaries,
And loves you unconditionally, regardless.

To My Love:  Brian.
Not all of our dreams have come true.
But you are the man of my dreams
And we are together.
Proof that God is smiling down on us
And has bigger ideas for us
Than my mind can even dream.

To my friends and family~
I could not walk the path
Marked out for me
If it weren't for you
And your support.
I may not have named you here,
But please know
That I recognize
The gift
That you are
To me.
Happy Valentine's Day.

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