Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Office

So on the weekends, my work is delivering mail. 
My office is a minivan with a flashing light on top.
I'd like to think that I am delivering good news, good fortune and hope to the hundreds of people that I could potentially come in contact with. 
The view from my office totally depends on the weather. 

Today, I helped out at the local coffee shop.
I used to work there during the week cooking lunch.
Recently I offerred to help out when they need extra help for large groups or catering.
Today was one of those days.
I didn't deliver good news, fortune or hope....
...but I did serve up an awesome meal for a large group holding a meeting.
The view consisted of smiles all around. 

Sometimes, when I am really lucky, my office looks like this:

This job is taking place in my living room.
I am busy reading, taking notes, interviewing extremely interesting people and calling BEST SELLING AUTHORS on the phone for quotes.
Sometimes I get paid to talk to people I want to be more like.
And if I haven't already mentioned it...
...I call BEST SELLING AUTHORS on the phone. 

And the view?
Well let me just tell you about the view....

The view is full of good news, good fortune and hope...
....the view is my heart.

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