Monday, December 3, 2012

Community Service by the Sophomore

So I admit it. 

As someone in my community who has been asked every year for the last 4 years to write a letter of recommendation for scholarships....I have learned a thing or two.

One:  I can write a great letter.

Two:  It has nothing to do with my letter that wins scholarship awards.  It has everything to do with the scholar.

The common demoninator that I have noted, besides grades, is community service.

So I admit that I have encouraged my sophomore into getting involved in community service. 

Besides politics, he has said that he would be interested in "rescuing cats out of trees" for community service projects.

I'm no expert on community service, but I am thinking that "rescuing cats out of trees" isn't going to win you any scholarship money.

Especially when you have yet to rescue a single cat out of a tree. 

And no matter how much you love your own cat...but won't pick her up on your own!....I feel forced to recommend another community service.

One that fits better, if you know what I mean.

The Wildcat has recently been a recipient of a blood transfusion. 

It didn't save his life....but it definitely helped him recover from a virus diagnosis that kept him from producing his own red blood cells and hemoglobin.

Community Service Project:  Promote blood donation.

The Wildcat seemed to think that made more sense than "rescuing cats out of trees." 

(thank goodness.)

So.  If you need a dynamic sophomore to speek for your group about the importance of blood donation, let us know.  He is all for it. 

And if you are local, be sure to check out the Wilton Durant Advocate News for the Wildcat's letter to the editor in which he appeals to his friends about the importance of donating blood.  (I understand that high school students account for a significant percentage of blood donated each year.)

Wilton residents:  I believe there is a blood drive sponsored by the Wilton High School Honor Society comming up soon.

Durant residents:  The Durant Bank is sponsoring a blood drive soon. 

In the words of the Wildcat to his friends: 
You can be a hero.
Both on the field, court or course….and off. 
You already bleed for the game. 
You might as well donate some of that for life.
Donate blood. 

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