Thursday, December 20, 2012

Where Are You Christmas?

This is the question that I have asked myself in the last couple of weeks.

The truth be told, I've been asking this question in various forms over the last few months. 

Nothing that was normal a few months ago is normal now. 

And here we are, days from Christmas, and I am looking for what I think should be "normal." 

And it isn't there. 

A couple of weeks ago and through this week, THIS was my "normal." 

And the couple of months before and since that, THIS was my "normal." 

Add to the "new normal" ingredient list:

Several unexpected bills to pay
2 different hospital stays
2 transmission problems
1 unexpected move
No "golden rings"
Fold in a mixture of outside opinions (both negative and positive) from family members and friends
And a partridge in a pear tree. 
(Minus the bird and the tree)

So I have been asking myself:  "Where are you Christmas?"

Looking through my photos of the last few months, the answer is clear.

Christmas is in my heart.

And my heart is right here:

This Christmas tree is not ours.

The room is not ours.

This photo was taken in a public place.

So was this:

As well as this:

I see the theme.  Do you?

At home or out and about, my heart exists in these four other people.

Whether we are together at a funeral,

In a doctor's office waiting room,

Walking away from me (trying to pretend I'm not there),

Or rallying around in a hospital room....

....that is where my heart is.

And that, my friends, is where Christmas will always be.

Whether it feels normal or not.

I imagine that the original Christmas morning did not feel normal to the main characters in the story.
And yet, it was their story.
Which makes my Christmas story 
Their's and mine.
And meant to be.

Merry Christmas friends, family members and blog followers.  
I look forward to hearing and reading about your own Christmas stories.  

(Before I sign out on this post, I need to note that my heart is also pulled in another direction with four more strings that are not noted with photographs.  Brian, Ty, Brady and Brinn....I see Christmas and love in all of you too.  If you are able, let's get together for a photo.  Maybe before the new year?)

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