Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Method to my March Maddness

It is that time of year again. 

Probably a time of year that every mama looks forward to.

Obviously, I am talking about the road to the final four.

For the last few years, my son has invited me to participate in his ESPN group and fill out my own bracket.

While he has spent the last several days studying  the teams--percentages, history, odds, etc.--his system for choosing his bracket, I have been doing my own research. 

It is true.  I have a system for choosing teams.  I take this 3-step system very seriously. 

The things us moms do to be a part of our children's lives, right? 

I'm sure you are dying to learn about my system.

And bracketologists  everywhere are certain to be studying this system for years. 

Here's how it works:

1.  Between the two teams playing each other, choose your favorite colors.  This will most certainly be different for everyone.  Your favorites may include the colors you look good wearing, or colors you like to decorate your house in.  Or purple. 
2.  If you hate both team's colors, choose based on where the team is located in the country.  Would you like to visit one place over the other?  If so, choose that team.
3.  If you are equally dissatisfied with the colors and location, check out the mascott.  Which one is cuter.  Or the least annoying to you.

Would you like to know who is in my final four?  And why they made it that far?  

Duke, North Carolina University, Kansas State and North Carolina State?

Do you happen to see a theme of the above?  I'm sure it is quite clear.

3 of the teams are located in the Carolinas.  
One of the team's mascots is a purple Wildcat.

Now I'm sure it all makes sense.  

In the final game I have the purple Wildcat up against the (upper-iowa-colored peacock) powder blue.  

It was a tough decision for the final game, and I had to throw another step in to decide what I thought the outcome should be....but the powder blue wins.

Even though I love purple wildcats, I look way better in powder blue.

Plus also...Nicholas Sparks writes about the Carolina's in all of my favorite romantic books.  

So LOCATION plus LOVE wins.  

But the score is close.  


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