Monday, April 29, 2013

Our not-supposed-to-be-a-busy weekend in Review:

So I knew I was going to a track meet on Friday.  And then to go listen to Curtis Fry talk at our school. 

And I knew that I had a track meet to go to on Sunday afternoon.

Somehow between Thursday night of not-so-much thru Sunday night of not-so-much, a whole bunch of stuff got thrown in.

That's the way our not so busy weekends go, I guess.

Marz ran the hurdles on Friday night.  
She was pulled out of one one of her favorite events to run (and one that I think she does quite well in) to run in a new event.  Apparently her coach is still trying to pull her here and there in different events.  I try to tell her that this is a sign of a good athlete when she can compete in multiple events.  
But on the inside, I am wishing I could tell the coach where to put her.
Because I am the one who meets her down on the track after the actual track practice.  
And I can see her strengths 
and her weaknessess
pretty darn good.  
Still so proud of her.

 So here is Brinn throwing the shot.
She really seems to like this event and she improves all the time.
Don't tell her I said this, but she is also an EXCELLENT sprinter.
She scores points for her relay teams every time she is in them.
We are proud of her and all of  her efforts.

   We paid a visit to Ty at Upper Iowa University.
It was the spring scrimmage event.
and Ty is out with an injury. 
So he wasn't wearing a jersey and pads on Saturday.
But he did look like a coach down on the field.  
It was a blessing to see him, talk to him for a few and get him a cart full of groceries.
If I haven't mentioned it on the blog-o-sphere before now, I want to make note of a significant day in Ty's life that happened this last week:  
Ty chose to be baptized...I think with some members of his FCA group and through SALT company.
He knows he was baptized as a baby.
But he wanted to make it known now
that this outward expression of faith was a sign of his own personal faith.
We are so proud of him!

 On our way home from Upper Iowa, we stopped for dinner and ran into a bus full of kids celebrating prom.
Brian stopped to pose with this young lady from West Liberty....
...had to represent for Brady (this is Brady's girlfriend) who was out of town for a track meet!

 And here is the track meet I knew I was going to on Sunday.
Claire taking the hand-off from Anthony....
....and Tookie taking the handoff in the same race, same heat. 
Luckily run in different legs.

All in all, I really do love it when we have Not-So-Busy-Weekends that end up busy.
Life happens in those in-between spots on the calender.
And life is good. 

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  1. Love it. Looks like your Not-So-Busy weekend was a whole lot of wonderful. Precious when that happens!