Thursday, July 18, 2013

Blog Identity Crisis

This is kind of weird, but my blog is experiencing somewhat of an "identity crisis." 

Write-On, Mom! thought she knew who she was, but lately has been developing ideas and growing in ways that she didn't see coming. 

Her "platform" (as the pros call it) has always been to share life, through the lens of motherhood.  Sometimes funny.  Sometimes sad.  Sometimes encouraging for others.  Most of the time just for herself.  Always with pictures. 

And occasionally professional. 

In the last year, and especially after attending the Speak Up! Conference in Michigan, opportunities to grow professionally has become more of a reality. 

And it feels sort of formal, I guess. 

Something that this blog is. not.

So here is what Write-On, Mom! is thinking about:
Should she start a brand new site, dedicated to that thing called professionalism

Fill it with STORY-SNAPSHOTS:  short stories that capture the heart behind the image.  Glimpses of stories of people who are changing the world.  Inspiration for readers to make a difference through their own stories. 

And also fill it with SNAPSHOT STORIES:  photographs and videos that tell the story.  Photo-journaling.  I've been given an opportunity to create and produce a photo-report that tells the story of the 2013 high school football season for our high school.  I've done this before.  Just not "officially."  Not professionally.  This gig has given me a lot of ideas about creating snapshot stories for others who may ask. 

Which means, that I could potentially have a product to sell. 

This is all new to Write-On, Mom!  She's afraid if she tries to do it all here while she shares her walk through the motherhood, she will end up not being focused enough.  Appear to scatterbrained. got me there.  You are used to scatterbrained from Write-on, Mom!.

But you aren't used to professional.

Or, she can do what she has been thinking about.  Create an alternate site/personality in addition to this one. 

What are your thoughts on this? 

Comments are welcome.

(by the way, it's not weird that i wrote about the blog like she were a live, breathing personality, is it? 
for a second there, i thought i might be losing it.)


  1. Not strange at all! lol Of course, I love you regardless! ;)

    I love the idea of an alternate blog to have in addition to this one. I think that's a very good idea!!! And I believe that you are the perfect person to pull it all off. You want to inspire people - well, you already inspire me.
    Love ya, cuz!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Jen!

  2. I think you have to you have many sides to you Robin, and that this blog represents one of those sides very well. I wouldn't want it to change! However, I am also interested in seeing more of this other side of you, so I think that another site is a must. I can't wait to have yet another blog to enjoy (should that be what you decide)!

    1. I laughed when I first read this comment...I wondered if it was a nice way to say that I have some sort of split personality disorder!! Thanks for your kind words. I think I am going to go for the second blog.

  3. I had a similar thought Robin. I just started to blog and wondered if I should do some secret, write-anything-because-no-one-knows-who-this-is-fake-name blog, thinking then that I'd save my for when I'm famous!? Or just go for it. I went for it! I think I'll use it for everything and just be me. Transparent and real. You should too. Whichever you decide. One or two blogs. Could you keep the one but have different Categories? or Topics? or Pages? That way your "stuff" is all together but your audience could navigate to which side of you they're looking for? :)

    1. Amy...those are exactly the thoughts I was wrestling with! I originally was thinking that I would keep the one blog and clean it up and add more "professional" pages to it. But then I started arguing with myself over some possible "what ifs" ...what if I start to blog for a newspaper? what if I start selling "snapshot stories"? what if my "write-on-mom" blog doesn't feel professional enough for an editor?

      I know I need to do something different, but still on the fence as to what and how.

      By the way...welcome to the www! Can't wait to visit you over at your new blog home!