Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Is it wrong to plan a wedding around a pair of shoes?

Is it?

We have the date set.  Loosely set.  Subject to change as we learn of football schedules.

Not that we would plan the biggest day of our lives around a high school football schedule.

College football comes into play too.  

So it is safe to say that we have the month of our wedding set.  Solid. 

Now we just have to figure out all of those little details that go along with weddings.  Like where, when and what kind of shoes I am gonna wear.

I'm not very good at organizing details.  

Is it wrong to plan a wedding ceremony around a pair of shoes? 

Of course I'm not really  talking about my shoes being the center of our wedding ceremony.

That would be as ridiculous as matching our colors to the high school football team or instead of booking a band for the reception, broadcasting the Iowa football game.  

Of course we want to plan our big day around the main characters in our lives.  We want all seven of our kids to be there, our parents and siblings, and if we can, we would like to invite our extended family and friends. 

But we can't really  invite people until we know where we are getting married, and where we get married depends on when we can get married and deciding when we can get married involves football schedules.

And for reasons I just don't understand...the right pair of shoes.

The fanciest pair I own right now have laces in them.  My favorite pair are of the flip-flop variety.

I think I need to hire a wedding planner.  I'm officially taking applications for the position. 

David Tutera would have a fit over all of this, don't you think?

Before our moms start to panic about just how tacky this will probably all end up turning out and be embarrassed about sharing the invites with their coffee clutches and Sunday school classes....rest assured that I have not found an ordained football ref, secured a deposit on a tailgating venue or planned the wedding attire around a pair of flip-flops....


There's still time. 

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  1. I won't be embarrassed! I don't mind a tinge of tacky either!
    I could help do something too! xoxo