Wednesday, March 19, 2014

2014 Edition of "The Method to my March Madness

Last year in "The Method to my March Madness" I wrote about the system I use when filling out my NCAA Tournament Bracket. 

If you are new to Write-On, Mom!, you can read that post by clicking HERE.

I got quite a few hits on last year's March Madness post, and I feel pretty confident that a few of those hits may have been from bracketologists wanting to study some of my secrets.

It's kind of a science, really.

Only without all the boring numbers and team stats.

This year I've been feverishly honing my research, hoping to improve upon tried and true*(see footnote) methods for filling out the NCAA bracket, and I have discovered that it is time to change things up a bit.

Last year, the steps in choosing teams went like this:
1.  Team colors
2.  Locations I'd like to visit
3.  Mascot

This year I'm shuffling these steps around.  Feel free to adopt my theories in filling out your bracket. Here's how it works:

1.  Between the two teams, choose your favorite mascot. Go with your gut.  I chose the mascot that sounded tougher.  If I couldn't figure out what a mascot was even after looking it up (what's a billican anyway?  a wu shock? I don't think so) then I went with the other team. Additionally, if a mascot sounded like an unnatural mix of two different animals, I did not choose it.

If both mascots were the same or are equally annoying, and this will happen, don't panic, move on to step two.

2.  Team Colors.  Which are your favorite?  Which are hanging in your closet or decorate your house in?  Or which one is purple?  Tastes vary; go with your own.

If a team still cannot be chosen based on mascot and colors, it's time to move on to step three:

3.  Location.  Picture yourself buying a bus ticket.  Between the two cities of the two teams, which one would you choose?  That is your ticket.

You may be wondering what my bracket looks like.  Let me tell you, it wasn't easy to fill out.  Upsets are involved.  Mascot loyalties came into play.  And I really wanted to see a match-up between a mascot known for being a "proud and fierce rooster" and some "fighting blue hens."

Iowa, who has a play-in game, ends up going quite a ways in my bracket.  No offense to any "volunteers"--I love volunteers--but Herky the Hawkey and I have shared a high-five in a crowded arena.  This just can't be ignored.

Another factor in my bracket:  I'm partial to Wildcats.  I have a few of my own.  "Wildcats" mean family and and nobody gets left behind.  (oh wait, I may be mixing up bracketology and disney movies here).

But "Wildcats" do elicit feelings of "home" for me. And half of my closet has something "Wildcat" in it.

So my final match-up is between two Wildcats.

And the winner is.....the purple one.

Because this team flows with the method to my march madness:
Love the mascot,
Purple hangs in my closet,
and next year, we will be buying a bus ticket there to visit our very own purple Wildcat.


And there you have it.  You're welcome.

Got any fun ways for choosing your NCAA tournament teams?  

*footnote to indicate that the words "tried and true" do not mean winning any bracket prizes, rather "tried and true" to have your family members question your sanity and invite you to come a little closer to planet earth.

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