Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Grades are motivating. So are good teachers.

Today I will be attending the second week of our spring Parent-Teacher conferences. 

I can't get through all of the kids' teachers in one day, it takes two.

We do this twice a year, every year.  Teachers show me a project the kids are currently working on.  We look at grades.  Talk about what's coming up.

And almost always I am told something like: "you have good kids.  they are good students.  i wish i had 40 more just like them."

Usually once at each conference day I will hear about an assignment that still needs to be turned in.  Or an upcoming test that could be the difference between a grade point for one of the kids.  

I take it all to heart.  It warms my heart to hear other people speak highly of my kids.

Inevitable each teacher will end the conference by asking me if I have any questions. 

Yes, I do. A few, actually.

Do you know how much I appreciate you?
Time invested in your work day means time invested in my child.  There are days when you probably see my kid more than I do.  Especially if you are one of their teacher-coaches.  When someone comes home with a story about how they were helped, noticed or encouraged by one of you, I am reminded how you are there when I am not.  I'm lucky that the kids have the teachers that they do. 

Do you need help?
A volunteer?  Someone to give a student extra homework help or attention?  An extra set of hands?  I can do that.

Why do go I to these parent teacher conferences?
I want to hear about what my kids are doing from the people who teach them.  It's great to hear nice things.

But I also want to tell them "you are good people; good teachers. districts all around wish they had 40 more just like you."

I'd buy you all a drink or send you a hallmark if I could.

Not 'cause my kids are doing great.
Because you are.

Thanks teachers!  Happy Spring Break! 

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  1. Preach! Thanks for the kind word about all of us. We appreciate it.