Sunday, May 31, 2015

It's a Big Day in our House

It's a big day in our household.

So much of the last few weeks and days have been spent working on putting together a graduation party for Nathan.

Today may look like a big graduation party. But tucked inside of that party is the major event of the day:  WE HAVE ANOTHER TEENAGER!
(and it's my baby)
(and I might be a bit sentimental about this, shocking...I know)

Danielle is 13.
She has spent the last 61 days warning reminding me of the countdown until her impending day of becoming a teenager.

And I have spent each one of those days warning reminding her of how she is still and always will be my baby. If there was I way I could put a stop to all of this time and growing up thing, I would.

But try as I might, I haven't figured out how make time stop. Haven't even figured out how to slow it down.

Dear Tookie,

I know you are growing up, and apparently this has to happen. I like the parts of this where you are doing your own laundry and shopping for some of your own things, and making some of your own meals. Even having your own tube of clearasil on the bathroom shelf is kind of a significant milestone.

But I miss the parts of tucking you in earlier than I go to bed, snuggling with a book, a prayer and a song, and even all the Disney Channel theme songs that would get stuck in my head.

I miss the days where you believed me when I said that your teeth would fall out if you skipped one night of brushing, or that if you crossed your eyes, they would freeze that way.

Ahhhh, the good-ole-days.

Actually every day with you in it is a good day.

Happy 13th To You!
I am so proud of you.
I am so proud to be your mama.
I love your sweet spirit, your quickness to forgive and your willingness to lend a hand.
Keep working hard and trying new things.

My best advice for your teenage years is this:
Keep God first
and always remember that quality chocolate will never do you wrong.

I may not have figured out how to slow time down, but I can freeze moments of it. This one is for you, my teenage-baby-girl:

love, mama

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