Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Some Newlyweds go on Honeymoons...

....and some of us go to Walmart. (and then visit our kids in college, or go to a high school sporting event) and call it a honeymoon.

That is the story of when Brian and I were married a few months ago. If you missed that one, you can read about it HERE.

Suffice it to say, with all of the kids and college visits and orientations and sports and kids (did I say that already?) we haven't had the time to throw a reception or go on a trip that revolved around the two of us being married.

And we still haven't, but we are pretending that this trip to Grand Rapids is a honeymoon, kind of. Because it doesn't revolve around our kids.

Brian is going with me to the Speak Up! writers' and speakers' conference. He is pretty romantic like that.

So even though this trip doesn't revolve around our kids, and even though the purpose is sort of for me...I just wanted to tell my husband that I appreciate him SO MUCH for supporting me in my writing and ministry dreams.

And he will no doubt get in some good practice in the art of timely "head-nodding" and "uh-huh-ing" because we will only be in the car together for like 12 or so hours as I tell him all about editors and publishers and ministry leaders and some of my favorite speakers and experts in the industry.

Anyways, this post goes out to my love, my husband, Brian. I love you, honey!

And I can hear it now: "uh-huh. oh you, too!"

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