Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Non-Vacation-Vacation

The kids and I are on "vacation" this week.

And by that, I mean nothing.


I've been working from home this summer.  And it is hard for them to understand that...even though I am home, I have to work.

Because there is that whole "food, clothing, shelter" -type of things.  you know. 

But things were starting to look ugly around here. 

Mom needing to research, interview, write, have quiet, and BE HERE....but not really BE HERE ....and that was starting to take a toll.

Resentment on the part of the older kids was starting to set in. 

Older kids needing to take care of little kids.
In between doing their own things. 
RESPONSIBLE things....like practice, weight lifting, school stuff that happens in the summer.

Plus those little summer things that kids like to do with their friends....sort of a downer when you have to have a kid sister times 2 tag along. 

So mama has declared this week and some of next "VACATION."

We aren't going away.

We are FULLY participating. 
In everything summer has for us.
For this week and next.
With no deadlines.

Helping family move.
Visit with family.
Take care of grandma (get home from the hospital, please!)
Movie today....Mr. Popper's Penguins.  It will be fun to compare this to the book.
A birthday party tomorrow.  With 19 of our closest teenage friends.  Who all want food.  And a bonfire.  check.
Visit with Great Grandma....tomorrow for lunch.  Thinking the Hill of Beans.

And.... the rest of the week.  And next.....
Well.  I don't know.  We are just going to let it happen.
And go with the flow of summer.

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