Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So I got a new job

No, seriously...I did.
Done got me one of those jay-oh-bees.

Actually, I was hired for the position a few months ago.
I've kept things under wraps about it becuase the pre-employment process for this job is so intense and takes so long...It felt sort of weird to be talking about my "new job" that I have but haven't started yet-and i don't know when I will.

But now I know.
After taking online tests
proctored tests
been through a background check
a drug test
been fingerprinted
taken a driving test
filled out every form there could possibly be to fill triplicet
I officially start orientation and training next week and the week after
so I can start delivering mail
for the Wilton post office. 

It is only part-time...but the pay is good.

Good enough to allow me to continue to freelance for the Times
and a few other publications that I love writing for. 

In case you are wondering....I am still going to write.
Actually, I will be able to afford the time to spend on writing that I love doing,
as well as those "dream projects" that I have always wanted to do
instead of the writing jobs that may have paid the bills for a while,
but left something to be desired as far as personal satisfaction.

Because, seriously....I can research and write about the registered potato varieties in the U.S. if you are paying me to do so, (yes this was a writing project i did) but it isn't a subject that I would have chosen to write about if I could. 

I like focusing on stories about real people....for the newspaper.
I like working with the young authors at "A Book By Me."
I have 3 books that exist in my head that I have wanted to write for years.
And I have a ministry topic that I would like to write and develop and, gulp, go and talk about.

So in my new job, I will be delivering the mail.

But in the background, I am working on delivering a message of hope.

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