Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week in Review

Chicken noodle soup...Had two kids home on two different days this last week. 
Both with fevers and headaches,
and weak stomaches. 

Marisa....she shoots and she scores!
This was from one of the several ballgames in the last couple of weeks.  I love watching how the girls have improved so much over the last 4 years.  LOVE. 
I tried a little experiment with Marz yesterday.  I have suspected that she has a far more fierce side than what she shows on the court.  So I threw in a little bit of a motivation.  Just to see.  For every rebound, turnover she recovered while on defense and shot made....she gets a dollar. 
Apparently she is fierce.  As well as motivated by money. 
I owe her $14.
Way to grab the ball, Marz! 
(p.s.  this was just an experiment, paying my kids for a good game is not a normal thing. don't judge)

Here's Brinny-girl with a 3-pointer in Maquoketa.  Nothing but net.  She drove us partway home.  Somebody needs to get her permit!
Speaking of watching girls grow up on the basketball's my Claire-bear in her first tournament of the season.  I'm certain she and this group of girls are going to be a force to reckon with!

Me and Brian.  I'm tired.  (and it looks like I have one more chin than Brian does....I don't like it)

Brady making breakfast for his dad for his birthday!  Happy birthday Bri!

What you won't see in this week's scrapbook:

The wildcat had a big decision to make.  He actually was sick about it.  Torn between doing what he wants to do and what others expect from him.  Neither choice is a bad one.  But it had to be his own choice. 
In the end, he went with his heart.
And even though I won't be watching him on the basketball court this season.....I am still his biggest fan!  Love you, kid!

And:  me, fighting whatever sick germs the kids brought home with.  But I refuse to really be sick.  No time for that!

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