Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I am thankful.
Got a lot to be thankful for, actually, but unfortunately, sometimes I lose sight of that. 

Booo, me.  Not cool. Good thing there are holidays like this one to kick me in the a$$    remind me of that. 

Specifically, I'd like to make note of some thoughts of involves a cast of characters.  So if you are familiar, then I apologize.  If not, here you go:

*Nathan, aka: the Wildcat.  He makes doing the right thing look cool.  Not many teenagers can do that. I love how he will stand up for what is right....KNOWING that he has some influence...rather than stepping back and being worried that his "influence" would be jepardized.  I want to be more like him.

*Marisa, aka: Marz.  I have witnessed her be HUMBLE in this last the midst of teenage drama that goes along with being a teenage girl.  She is far more mature than I give her credit for and even far more mature than I sometimes am.  I need to be more like her.

*Claire, aka: Clarie-Bear.  The girl lives up to her name and numerical position in the family.  It ain't easy being the middle child.  I love how she wants to make sure she is heard and not lost in the crowd.  She is unique and she want the world to know it.  I could learn a lot from this girl.

*Danielle, aka: Tookie.  The baby of the family.  She is a reminder to me of how time is moving on...faster than I want to acknowledge.  She is my "baby" but not really a baby.  All of the things that I have taken for granted with the others, I am getting one. final. chance. to particpate in with Tookie.  4th grade is a milestone.  And I want to finally catch up with this one!  (i graduated from 4th grade myself and have been a mama thru it 3 times....this is my last "hurrah" in 4th grade.) I am finally catching on with this girl.

*Ty:  Brian's oldest.  He is home from college.  Love this kid.  Always have.  He has always had a big heart and a big mind.  I often wonder which one is bigger.  It is interesting and it warms my own heart to witness him as he has grown up...even when his heart and his mind must be arguing with each other!  I am certain that he is so smart, that he knows which one  (the heart or the mind) should rule...and that success will come his way.  He takes good care of his own mama, and I respect that in a young man.  I have learned alot by watching this guy mature...not that this will be the case with Ty....but watching him grow, mature, work hard and experience life has taught me that money doesn't always mean success...but it doesn't necessarily exclude it either. 

*Brady:  aka: the TRUE "in the middle" of all of this.  This is a guy who is one of the biggest blessings of my life but he probably wouldn't believe it if I told him.  He is the true middle of Brian's family and the true middle of all of us.  My oldest....the Wildcat....looks up to him.  And he has not failed in that role....even though he never knew he had that role.  I love it how this kid takes care of his business and his family....and still cares about what I think, even tho i am not family.  We have butted heads in the past as well as joined forces.  Together, we are strong.  So thankful for this kid and all he adds to my life and all he teaches me.

*Brinn:  Brian's youngest.  Even though she is the only girl over there, she is the "oldest" girl when it comes to birth orders between both of our families.  Talk about being in the middle.....It can't be easy going between being the "youngest", the "only" and the "oldest"....then throw in the "middle" when it comes to age.    I have to give her credit.  For all of these roles, there comes a responsibility.  And none of us has she does.  I am so so SO THANKFUL for this young lady.  She has taught me about "step-parenting."  Even though I am not a step parent, I appreciate the role because of Brinn.  I have learned that being there and acting like I am not there can be just as effective when it comes to showing love.  Boundaries can be fuzzy when it comes to a teenage girl and a long-time girlfriend of dads.  But the love behind the relationship never is.  Love this girl.  Thankful that I get to be a small part of her life.  She has taught me that love is is a matter what the size. 

Did I mention Brian?
Ya, I did. 

We aren't married. 
But we do have a life together. 
And as parents, we have a life apart. 
I wish things could be different
But practically, I know things can't. 
This dynamic tends to play with my emotions
So I know that I can't be the easiest
when it comes to dealing
with a long time girlfriend. 


But I am thankful for this guy
and our relationship
with all that I have. 

Other random thoughts of thankfulness:
my new job
freelance writing for the QC Times
Extended family
New friends
Old friends
Old friends that are now new friends
Blog friends
That I get to be mama to my kiddos
That I get to be "rob" to Brian's kids
online shopping
Jeff's Market
Hannah at Westfair
My extended family
Jim and Sharon
Suzie who does my hair
Uncle Shawn...who I see in Nathan every. single. day.
Uncle Lance...and his fabulous family
Aunt Megan and her family.
Aunt Kaylyn...she doesn't know it but she is the first to illustrate to me what it means to be loved and adopted into God's family.
Dark Chocolate.
Kids' teachers. 
Scott and Shari who accepted me without even knowing me.
My landlord and my neighbors.
Keystone Lite...the cheap version of Coors Light.
Potato soup.
Allie the wonder cat.
A Book By Me.

and a hundred other things that I should note like every day but I don't.
Like sharp cheddar cheese and sugar and fabric softener.  Random, I know. 
But I am thankful, nonetheless. 

Happy Thanksgiving!
And thank you for reading and following me here. 


  1. We are thankful to be able to call you friend! Colleen, Squealer & Tony

  2. And me, Rockin' Robin! lol
    love you long lost sister.
    Happy Thanksgiving!