Monday, August 27, 2012

Are You Ready for Some JV Wildcat Football?

... least I hope it is "JV" Wildcat football.

Last Friday, the varsity team faced L&M at L&M.

I did not go.

I was told by the Wildcat that he wouldn't be playing.  Unless someone was too tired and couldn't go in for special teams.  There was a slim chance he would go in on special teams.  But probably not.

So I planned a nice, quiet evening at home on Friday night.

Imagine my surprise and subsequent panic when I got out of the shower to be greeted with a voicemail that went something like this:

Do you know that your son is warming up to go in for varsity?

I do not know that.
Why would I have to know that?
My son does not play varsity.  
And if he did, that would mean that he is backing up the back-up.
Clearly someone is misinformed.

Besides.  If there was a chance that my Wildcat would be playing tonight, I would be there.  Not trying to have a quiet evening at home.  

Found out later that he was, in fact, warming up to go in for some plays at QB.

But he didn't get in.

oh thank heavens.
i just wasn't ready for it on friday.

But today is a new day.
It's Monday.
And I am mentally prepared for the Wildcat to play some football on the JV team.  

He is bigger and stronger and smarter this year.  

And I have been on my knees in prayer for weeks now....praying for no injuries.  

He can do this.  

And I think I can do this too.  

See you at the ballgame.  
I'll be there with my camera.
Because whether I am ready or not....

....I love my Wildcat. 

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