Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Crazy-Pain/Day Planner

So I was busy today working at the Wilton Chiropractic Clinic.
Massage therapy.

But before I went in I was in a whole lot of pain that made me feel crazy.

Crazy enough to almost text my chiropractor that I will write her a check for a million dollars if she will please PLEASE just crack my neck and fix my jaw.

Ever since I had a little "minor surgery" to my spine in the neck area, I tend to suffer from the occasional, albeit regular, bout of  severe jaw and upper neck pain.  

Yesterday I was home with the kiddos, nursing the jaw pain, sitting in my massage chair, firing up the heating pad and alternating a cocktail variation of tylenol and ibuprofen.

(it feels sort of sad that i refer to my over-the-counter medication as a "cocktail.")
(maybe i'm getting old)

(no.  no....I'm clearly not old.)

(does anybody else hear these same phrases?)

(am i crazy?)

At any rate, the first thing I did was get an adjustment today and felt relief like....Immediately!

Which makes me wonder why I just didn't start there.

And why I had to put myself through the experience of almost writing a bad check for a million dollars.

SO ANYWhOO......

Work day went great.

The receptionist at the clinic googled me on the Quad City Times website and found all sorts of really great, feel-good articles that I have written for the paper.....which makes me look pretty good.

And business there is good.  People are re-booking. the point that I actually need to keep track in my planner now.

And at the end of the day I got a check.  I was asked to look it over in the schedule to make sure I agreed with my paycheck and I took a little longer than I probably should have to feel comfortable.

You see.....the schedule they gave me....well, it was so

And I just wasn't used to anything on a calendar that I am involved with to look organized.

And then I was asked to look at my schedule and see if there was a day and time that worked out in my schedule for September.

I opened up my day planner right next to the one at the chiro clinic....and do you know what my planner did to me....right there in front of the other calendar and everyone? laughed.  And mocked me.  Right there in front of the organized schedule at the chiro clinic.

(does anyone else's calendars laugh out loud when you try to add things to them?)

(do all of these parenthesis mean I am crazy?)

The good news is that I am not in pain anymore today.
And someone else isn't afraid to add me to their calendar.
Which is far more organized than mine!  

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