Sunday, August 11, 2013

Another Week/end in Snapshot Review

This sort of sums up my week:

I spent it behind the lens.

But I'm so glad I got to capture these week in snapshots.

 Marz turned 15 this summer.  She has been so busy, it's been hard to get away for some snapshots to mark it.  Last Sunday she pretended to be a model and I pretended to be a photographer and we snapped away. 
Guess what...she is a model.
In beauty and character.
How blessed I am to witness and capture it.

Here she is at the football field.  She is a team manager.  
It works out that I am the team photographer.

So I bring my lovely assistant with me, aka:  Tookie, and she gets recruited:

A great thing about this snapshot-story gig for the football team is that I get to capture some of my own kids too.

Speaking of Snapshot Stories.....that is what I am calling the photography that I have started doing.
Actually, I've been doing it for years, only it has been my way of chronicling my own family and life story.
Now I am helping other people, and the football team, to tell their own story through snapshots.
Check out the new page here on the blog for more info.

Here's a snapshot at camp.  
It's gonna be fun to follow this story this season:

 Also spent time at a parade:

 Look who decided to go out for band this year: 
 And my girl scout, Claire:

In between all of these snapshots, I actually worked at my two three other jobs, registered kids for school, dropped kids off at all the places they needed to be, and picked them up again.  I also fed these people.  

And I tried to keep some sense of order in my head and in my house.  I wasn't necessarily successful at the order part.

But we did eat and get to where we needed to be.

I feel like I should get a medal or something.  

What do the snapshots of your week look like?

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  1. Oh you are in love with photos as much as I am. I love to see your glorious pictures here.