Monday, August 26, 2013

Meet Some of my Wildcats

Friday night was our meet the Wildcat night.  The community gathers around the football field and coaches introduce all of our athletes out for fall sports.  The pep band plays.  The cheerleaders cheer.  The cross country team runs their time trials.  The volleyball team scrimmages.  The boosters serve a meal.

And I take pictures.


I've mentioned that I am taking pictures on behalf of the football team. 

It's really quite a nice little gig for me. 

It would be quite accurate to say that my heart is totally in this job. 


On Friday nights you will find me down on the sidelines, taking snapshots of the Durant Wildcat football team. 

And my heart will be under those same Friday night lights, only on the other side of the camera. 

You will find my heart wearing the number 4 and filling water bottles and taping wrists. 

It will also be wearing the number 6 and

a size 11 shoe like this...

My heart may also be wearing a headset and calling plays or assisting the line players

It's safe to say that my heart is definitely in the job.

It's just on the opposite side of the camera. 

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