Wednesday, October 13, 2010

8th Grade Football Pictures

Since I never pay for a photo if I do not have to, I force my wildcat to pose for shots while the rest of his team is warming up. 

There are some serious social-related consequences to having your mama show up on the football field while everyone else is warming up. 

And it isn't just limited to comments from the other players.

I'm pretty sure a coach or two razzed the wildcat as well.

It probably wouldn't be quite so bad, except that for one of my favorite shots, I actually have to lay down on the field to get the angle just right. 

I want to feel bad about embarassing him.  But then I think back to the days when wildcat was a toddler/preschooler and some comments that, although innocent enough, totally embarassed me.  In public.  Probably public restrooms. 
And I no longer feel bad for the public embarassment that had to take place for me to get these photos.


I love this wildcat!

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