Thursday, October 28, 2010

"go cubs"

Have I ever mentioned how much I just totally adore my wildcat?

There is just something about that mother-son relationship that can stand up to anything. 


Last night, I am at a football game.  It's cold.  It's a playoff game. 

The little girls are at their dad's house.  his time.  (blah)

My Marz rides the pep bus.  Cuz it's cool to go to a game with all your friends.  Meaning....not your parents.  I get that.

My wildcat goes with a friend to the game.  If you have to ride with a's cooler to ride with a friend's parent than it is your own.  I get that too.

But at the game we all were. 
And the wildcat said "hi" to me.  In front of other teens.
And welcomed me standing next to him.
And put his head on my shoulder.  Twice.
(yes i counted, cuz, i wasn't sure if i was in some sort of parallel where it was cool to hang out with your mama) 

The wildcat and I, you see, we have something special going.  For a while.

It goes back to birth.  His.  And how un-natural the only "natural" birth experience I had....was.  With him.

I remember when it used to be cool to show up to, playground, etc....with your mama.

And I remember when it became "uncool."

So we came up with a code to say "i love you."

I promised to not say it in front of his friends or strangers or anyone.
As long as I said "go cubs".....he knew that this was our code for "i love you."

So last night, when I said "go cubs" at a wildcat footbal playoff game....he says....

"oh mama....i love you too." 

And my heart.
It melted.
Like right there.
Even though it was freezing outside.


  1. You made my cry! I love it!

  2. Robin this is a beautiful story. Me and my Colty have "our special code" too. I let ya in on it. Its a simple "143" and the other replies with "1432"
    We are a couple of lucky moms thats for sure.