Monday, October 4, 2010

Processing here, that's all

I have, like, so SO much to do.

And I'm trying really hard to NOT live by lists of "to-dos" and trying to just "have faith" and trust God when stuff comes up that all of my plans and structure and what-nots-and-to-dos don't really matter anyway. 


I understand it's a great way to live.  And have had periods of my life where there was nothing but faith to go on.

But Faith tends to butt heads with structure I like to pretend I have in my life. 

So when I have something going on every night of the week....sometimes two, say a game and a parent meeting.....
....and I have dinner
....and laundry
.....and a regular job
....and a job that I have VERY Little time to devote to...even though it's my dream job

....and the most important thing....being physically, mentally and emotionally available to my kids....
....and Brian and his kids

It's alot. 

Especially when I worry.


  1. You are a grown up! Welcome!
    Life is hard but we make it work.

  2. Thanks anonymous. Not quite sure how to take your comment.

  3. Life is tough and you do what you can. The rest can wait!
    Stop worrying!!! You are doing the best that you can.