Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Oh my how proud I am of you. 

You are such an AMAZING young man....and I honestly don't have any idea of what I have ever done to deserve you!

When thinking about your last year, there are a few things that pop up in my mind:

You know that saying that goes something like "Sports do not build character, they reveal it"?
I have seen this to be so true in you.
You don't always have the successful record that you strive for.
And yet, you NEVER stop striving. 
You expect the best from yourself, and when that isn't cutting it, you work harder.
And you take it upon yourself to not let your teammates get down, slow down or give up.

You are a leader.
I see it tons when you are playing sports and with your peers.
You have such power to make a difference in the world, and you do it every day, in your own ways.

You care.
You don't just hang out with certain people because they are "cool" or because you are "cool."
You notice needs around you and somehow, without making a big deal about it, you reach out.
And you are so cool about it, too.
You make being the "nice guy" look good.

You take care.
You look after me and your sisters...instictively.
I don't have to ask you to mow or shovel.
You warm up the car and you pump the gas.
You are always asking me to teach you to do things that would help you take care of me.
And you hardly ever ask me for money.
You are responsible, and even try to protect my feelings on some things.

You are brave.
I don't have to list the reasons....cause you know.
You stand up for the right thing.

You are smart.
You ask questions to learn the answers, not to be fed the answers.

Before you were born, I prayed for you.  I made sort of a deal with God. 
(i know that me thinking that God makes deals is poor theology...so what)
the circumstances in which you were born in were less than ideal.
But I promised God that I would bring you up "in the way" of Him if He would grant me the
priviledge of being your mama. 
I know I fall short
but I keep on trying.

Because you are worth it.
You make me want to be a better mama. 

Love you so much, Wildcat!!

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