Thursday, September 1, 2011

Red Light, Green Light.....yellow?

uhg.  it's safe to say that i am experiencing some doubt and confusion right now.  i thought i had a job opportunity that was what i would have called a huge answer to prayers.  all signs seemed to point to it being that way....but it didn't happen. 
now i am wondering...."now what?" 
don't have that answer yet. 

i found this little devotional i wrote a while back. 
thought i would share.

Stop, Go, Yield

Green lights and red lights—there is never any question as to what I need to do.  It’s those yellow lights that cause me to question.  Do I speed up?  Or do I wait for the next green?

I have the same questions when dealing with God’s traffic signs.  Sometimes God gives me clear paths to go down.  Sometimes my prayers are answered with a closed door, making it clear that I need to stop or move in a different direction. 

But when my prayers are answered with a quiet whisper to “wait,” that’s when I wonder.  Should I look for a new sign?  Does waiting mean “yes, but not yet?”  Could it mean “no, there is something better?”  And what about the times when I hear God telling me to wait, but the world around me is saying “go for it?” 

Enter in confusion and doubt. 

Here is what I have learned so far when God tells me to wait:

Sometimes I speed up and race through the yellow light, only to get stopped at the next intersection.

Sometimes I race through a bunch of proverbial yellows and, while I make it to my destination, it wasn’t necessarily the time, place and process that God wanted me to experience. 

And sometimes when I’m hit with a sign to “wait,” I just quit all together, never moving forward when He does give me the green light. 

I’ve also seen the bright side of things when God tells me to wait. 

I’ve been on the right path, doing my thing, and heard the sign to wait.  While I may have stomped my foot and pouted a bit, questioned whether or not I was doing the right thing, I sat back and waited.  It was hard to give up whatever sense of control I felt I had over the situation.  But looking back I can see how God’s “wait” sign was really an opportunity for me to watch Him perform miracles I never could have accomplished on my own. 

And when it was time for me to “go” again, I did.  I ended up in a better place and in perfect time. 

I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, and in his word I put my hope.


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  1. Looks like we are both working on waiting! Not an easy thing to do....but God is GOOD and will help both of us wait.

    Lord help us to both make the most of these sacred places of waiting even though they might not seem like they are sacred at the time. In Jesus Name, Amen!