Monday, September 12, 2011

A Review of Kerrie McLoughlin's "Get Published in Regional Parenting Magazines"

I purchased a copy of the e-book Get Published in Regional Parenting Magazines by Kerrie McLoughlin a couple of years ago.  I already had a name for myself within my local market by way of a handful of years of writing for my local newspaper.  I felt ready to step out of the comfort zone of my own zip code, but the efforts I made in pitching to the national market were met with little and scattered success.

I ran into Kerrie’s name and publication through an online writing course.  There were a few Regional Parenting Publication market guides out there, but I admit that the cost was a factor when making my purchase.  I purchased Kerrie’s e-book for less than $10 and found that it is by far one of the most valuable resources on my bookshelf today.  It has been my “Writers’ Market Guide” for locating information on Parenting Publications around the country. 

My writing resume now includes bylines in magazines from L.A. to New York and several other publications across the country. 

My copy of Get Published in Regional Parenting Magazines is one of the older versions, but whenever there is an update, editor changes within magazines or new markets to tap into, Kerrie sends these updates to me by email.  Magazine editors appreciate writers who submit according to their writers’ guidelines, and I appreciate this resource as a quick and easy to use reference guide to keeping me up to date on what these guidelines are within the regional parenting publications market. 

Writers who are looking to add their byline in parenting publications across the nation will find Get Published in Regional Parenting Magazines an extremely valuable tool. 

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