Sunday, October 16, 2011

"If You Can't Say Something Nice....."

".....type it into your macbook and let your computer say it for you."

The kids came home from their dad's house tonight....and one of them told me she had a "story" to tell me about another. 

I'm all for a good story.

So we got out the computers....and fought it out. 
It's kind of like texting. 
Only they are all in the same room....typing in their story or response to one....

....and it's pretty funny when the computer voice reads the "story" out loud.
Sort of buffers the impact of trying to get things out in the open.

Right now, Mars has the best "story.
I would expect nothing less from my young author. 
Only she just figured out that I am blogging the whole thing.
And I have 3 computers all yelling at me now.  

How's that for some genius parenting skills?

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