Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Power of a Personal Story

The power of a personal story is something I have always believed in, but this idea has really begun to hit home in the last few months as I have been given more assignments for the Quad City Times, and most recently, becoming involved with "A Book By Me." 

Reporting gives me the opportunity to visit with someone about their own stories and their own passions.  I get to paint thier stories with words to share with others.  It is inspiring to listen to people who are so intent on sharing what they have with readers.  Even though I don't become a part of their own story, sharing these makes me want to live my own story better. 

Recently I have been given the opportunity to become a part of A Book By Me.  The book series features true stories of holocaust survivors, WWII vets and righteous gentiles (non-jews who helped the jewish during the horrific time of the holocaust).  Besides the stories themselves, the special thing about A Book By Me is that they are written for children, by children.  Marisa had a chance to be a part of this last spring. 
Marisa with WWII Vet Dr. Paul Hauk

The people featured in these stories are dying.  But their stories are a part of history, deserving to be told, recorded and preserved.  And I love it that children get to jump over a big generational gap in order to get into the world of these survivors and liberators. 

There is another series about Refugees and human rights. 

Nasiba is the author of the first book in the Human Rights Series: "From Royaly to Refugee"

What will I be doing with A Book By Me

Thank you for asking!  I get to be a writing coach.  I get to step into the stories of young authors and illustrators as they jump into a little bit of history.  Stories that have historical significance and also share messages of courage, tolerance and respect.....issues that are relevant no matter what the day or age. 

And I may even get to visit schools.

And help out with young writers' workshops. 

And I'm excited. 

I will share more as I do more. 

But for now, I have something for you to think about.
What is your story? 
You have one.
We all do.
And even if you may think that it isn't one worthy of sharing with the world, I want to encourage you in something:  Your story is important.  Live it out with passion.  And even if you don't share your story with me or can inspire all those around with you just by embracing it. 

The End

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