Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's a Busy Start to Summer....

In many ways, we are just as busy, if not more, than when school was in session....
...but in that
"unstructured" way of being busy that you don't have the luxury of pulling off while school is in session.

In a nutshell
(meaning, this is my way of scrapbooking that you couldn't probably care less about)
Here is what is keeping the calendar full:

 This girl turned TEN!
Which can CLEARLY be seen in this photo with the # 8 on it and two extra candles. 
Because 8 plus 2 equals 10 for those who are mathematically challenged. 
I could say that I did the "8" candle plus two extras as a way to keep the brains in our house sharp throughout the summer. 
Like I do every summer.
Or I could be honest and say that I didn't have enough candles that added up to 10
Because I am not as organized as I should be.
and the "8" is a leftover from when I turned 38 a year (or so) ago and I did not want anyone to go out and purchase the wax #9 for reasons that involve denial and vanity.

 Now that she's 10, I keep her busy at home doing slave work like dusting the top shelves of things.
She's smiling.
Because I am paying her for it. 
Plus she likes climbing things.
One of her goals this summer is to climb the tree outside higher than she ever has.
I am seeing an ER visit in her future.

 This kid has been keeping me busy at the baseball field. 
Where he does some real work
That seems to go largely un-noticed by people he wants to notice.
But it isn't lost on me in the least.

And if I were a "numbers" and "math" sort of person
Which clearly I am not
(see the above exhibit about candles)
Then you would be noticing him on the baseball field too.
and that is all i'm gonna say about that.

But this kid also wakes up early
Which translates to me waking up early
To go to work
Which is something else I love about this kid.
He works hard. 
At everything he tries.

 This girl is busy on the field.
Plus I sent her off on a trip to DC.
She's having fun.
This morning I started calling her Nutkin.
Because her brain seems to scatter around like a squirrel.
Which is funny.
And I love it.
She's also babysitting this summer.
Earning some money seems to make her happy too. 


Okay, so I have another kid.
But not pictures of her this summer.
I'm feeling the guilt over this.
She's got some serious summer goals.
Like running 40 laps around the track before summer's end,
reading an entire chapter book,
picking up trash whenever she sees it,
learning how to cook tuna helper.
(i will for sure get a photo of this)
She's babysitting too.
And hanging out with friends.
I'm gonna go find her and take some pictures.

I might have to embarrass her while she is "on the job"
But a mama's got to do what a mama's got to do.

That's what we are busy doing.

If you were interested enough to read through this entire post then I must ask.....
What are you busy doing so far this summer?  

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