Thursday, June 28, 2012

You Make Me Smile

This is my Marz.

She has been making me smile since the day she was born.

That is to say...she has been making me smile for 14 years. 

When I hear or read the word "beauty," it is this person that first pops to mind.

Not that I haven't been priviledged to witness beauty in others around me, but so rare has it been to find what beauty is...on the inside and out, in one person.

You know what it is like to meet someone who is so filled with joy that it spills out in other ways....
...that is this girl.

And I am so lucky to call her mine.

She calls me "momma."
And it it like sweet music to my ears. 

She has so many friends, because her personality is such that she can just get along with everyone.

But her closest friends are her big brother and little sisters. 

She is so very gifted.
She loves to write.
So she does.

She loves to sing.
So she does.

She loves to play sports.
So she does.

She does what she wants to....and she does her very best.
Being the best doesn't matter as much to her
as being her best.  

In today's world, that is a big deal.
And refreshing.

I love that her "job title" on her facebook page is:  Secret Agent at Sin Stoppers.

I loves that she finds humor in life.

I love that she finds humor even in the not so fun stuff of life.

I love that she still wants to snuggle with her momma.

I love it that if I don't tuck her into bed....she will come and tuck me into bed. 

She is the very best of me
And so much more....

She is becoming the best of who God made her to be.

...and I love it. 

Happy 14th Birthday, Marz.

Mama loves you. 

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