Monday, November 19, 2012

The Speed of Life

I can sometimes give the illusion that I am keeping up with the Speed of Life.
On a normal day.

But there has not been anything normal about the last month.

Or maybe it is our new normal.

And I am not only NOT keeping up, but I can't even manage to look like I am halfway keeping up.

Perhaps it is time to hang up the imaginary super-hero cape that I like to bring out on those good days where I am managing motherhood faster than the speed of life.

But I can't find it.
I know it is lost up there somewhere in the recesses of my mind, all mixed up and lost with the bajillion other things that I can't seem to keep up with.

Oh well, I never did like that old cape anyway.
I should have donated it to goodwill while I was trying to potty train my 3rd-born child.
Or at the very least, when I was teaching my two oldest about the birds and the bees.  (Because after that talk, I know for certain that no mama-honoring award should ever be bestowed upon me.)

I'm over it.

But I'm not over being totally thankful that I get to be a character in a story that includes all four of my kids, Brian and his kids, and a community of friends and family that bless me in ways that I do not even think I deserve.

It's a great story.  And I am trying really hard to keep up with this current speed of life and all of the twists and turns in each chapter.

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