Thursday, November 1, 2012

Random Poem

That's my kid
Just up ahead
In the back of the ambulance
under lights blue and red.
I'm keeping up
Not far behind
Keeping cool, making calls
Not losing my mind.
Fainting, ER rooms
A morning of tests
Admissions, procedures
No time to rest.
"It's time to go home"
I think in my head
But doctors say different
And a word every mama dreads
"We need some more tests
to rule in or rule out..."
A cancer diagnosis
may be coming about.
We transfer hospitals
We test and we wait
Discussing all possible
Outcomes and debate.
We don't know
What the tests may show.
We talk about the positve
We snuggle and we share
Life, stories, friends
And unanswered prayers.
We recognize the best
possible outcome of this
and joke that this all
is probably a miss.
It's Friday and you
have football on your mind
I indulge you, cuz I'm mama
And I can do that, I find. 
But normal has changed
as we wait for these tests
Normal is no longer
the "normal" requests.
As they took your bone marrow
To test for diagnosis
I knew in my heart
What Should be the prognosis.
And yes, I was there
Through the entire test
Because deep down in my heart
I knew I was blessed.
A long time ago
Before you were born
I thought I was loosing you
And I made a promise duley sworn.
"Dear God "I prayed
And I begged without end
"Please give me this child and 
I promise to spend
Each day as his mom
Teaching him about You
And your love that abounds
Every day is anew."
Lo and Behold
(cheesey words for a rhyme)
I was reminded today
of this prayer of mine.
And here I am
Watching what I'm told is your fate
And I know that my prayers
Have not been too late.
Because no matter what
the tests tell me
I know that you are the Nathan
The Lord made you to be.
We  have since found out
That your medical tests show
Your story does not
Include cancer
I renewed my promise
Made 16 years ago
And as your mama
I want you to know
that no matter what life
Happens to hand to you
That you are uniquely chosen
To be the the one
to follow through
God has a plan for your life
my sweet and only son
Walk the path
laid out for you by the One
Who is the giver of life
and every breath we take
And every day is a test
from the minute we awake.
Your story is one
that inspires me
To be the best
That I can be.
And today that means
being a mama to you
And your three sisters
IN all that you do.
I'm right here beside you
All as you continue to grow
And for ever after
Because one thing we know
We were given to each other
To live this life
For one day at a time
In good times and strife. 

So whether our tests include doctors
schools and other things
Don't forget that I'm here for you
In all that life brings.

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