Thursday, November 8, 2012

We Don't Share...

...except when it comes to germs.

Then we apparently have NO PROBLEM sharing.  

2 girls
Who, on the surface, it would appear, 
do not ever

Except when it comes to germs.

Fortunately for me it all sort of happened on my day off.  

And by "day off" I mean the day that other people are not paying me to show up.  

(I apologize for the newspaper interview appointment by phone that I was not able to keep today)

Days like today
And SEVERAL other days in the last 3 weeks
Have made me so grateful for everyone who helps me out and is flexible with me and all of these crazy circumstances.  

Thank You.  

I owe you.  

And one of these girls woke up from a nap and was crying for her brother:

Sibling medicine seems to be working.

....even when sharing things like germs.

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