Monday, October 29, 2012

Saving on Supper. And dessert.

Tonight's supper is another based on last 2 weeks of Jeff's Market deals.

And so is dessert.

And we all know which one of these recipes is more important here.

(incidentally, I stumbled upon dessert from a friend's blog....I think she found it on pinterest....something i have not dared to dabble in just yet)

(but am thankful for those who do)

(sort of like am ex-smoker appreciating second hand smoke)

(see how unhealthy i can be when it comes to these things?)


Supper Ingredients:

Chicken (left over from last week's sale
Biscuits (on sale this week with coupon!)
Cream of chicken
Plus add a soup can of milk.

Put the biscuits in a pan.  top it with the soup and milk.  Then chicken .. Then cheese.  Cook it.  The end.

Dessert Ingredients:

2 bags of frozen fruit on sale this week
Cake mix
lemon lime soda

Put the fruit in a 9 x 13 pan
Cover it with the dry cake mix
Pour the soda over it.

All goes in looking like this:

And out like this:

House smells great.

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