Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our Silent Hero

Dear Marz,

So much has been going on this last week.  And on the outside, it seems like none of it revolves around you.

Except....guess what.

So much of it does.

Because you, my sweet girl, are a hero.

You are a silent hero.....

....a person who just does what they do because that is what they do.

And that, my sweet, strong you.

You don't expect any recognition.

Because, in your mind, you are just being you.

In my world,  YOU are..... amazing daughter
.....a first-class sister
.....a great and coach-able athlete
.....a wonderful student amazing friend
.....a gift to all who truly know you

a Hero.

Your brother is having a lot of medical issues right know.
And when it came to being an emergency,
were the one I called to come help me
were the one who sat next to Nathan when I needed to step away for a minute
were the one that Nathan remembers calming him down when he did not know what was going on while I had to step away
are the one who is there for him
in the way that I wish I was
when you all are at your dad's house.

And Nathan notices these things.

And so do I.

my sweet girl
are my hero
And your brother's hero
and my guess is, that you are there for those I don't even know

because that is who you are
That is what your spirit is

And I want you to know....that YOU are important.

are a

Even if and when it seems like you don't come out that way....

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