Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oh Snot.

I have a cold.

A lot of snot.

I can't go more than a few steps without sneezing.

And I sort of have to squeeze when I sneeze.

Or change my pants if I don't.

(if you don't get it then you either have never had children or you did your kegal exercises after you had children and therefore i think you are an overachiever who probably wouldn't really get along with me very well.  excepting for the fact that I get along with most people so i forgive you for being so type A)


Usually when I get a cold it settles in my ear.

Which means I have a lot of snot and I can't hear myself (or you) talk.

Which means when I talk to myself I actually have to talk a little louder to myself which sort of sounds like I am shouting out an imaginary conversation.

Which doesn't really make me look very good or sane to the nice people who are walking by on such a nice day. 

I know me, so you know that I'm "okay." 

But imagine what it looks like while I am "talking" something in my head out while simultaneously trying to not pee my pants. 

oh snot.

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