Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What is wrong with this picture?

It's twinkies.
It's cheetos.
It's cheese and crackers.
It's an after-school-snack fit for a crew.
A crew of elementary and Jr. High-age-kids.
And it is enough. As in- a lot.
So what is the problem?
2 phone calls from kids + 1 glance at the calendar =
only 1 kid coming home after school today.
By the way: If you were gonna say that the "twinkies" don't fit this equation next to the cheese, crackers and "all-natural-no-msg-cheetos"....I would have to say you are right. Except the twinkies were a part of a science project for school to illustrate parts of a cell. So I had to buy them.
This veers from my normal don't-buy-food-that-has-the-shelf-life-that-could-outlast-a-nuclear-anything-policy.

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